• Question: what do you enjoy most/least about being an engineer?

    Asked by susan nolan to Nicola, Christina, Alex, Antonio, Martin on 8 Nov 2015. This question was also asked by Nicole, Conall, damian, DONNA, badam.
    • Photo: Nicola Greene

      Nicola Greene answered on 8 Nov 2015:

      Most: opportunity to build and create – keeps the brain healthy
      Least: The pressure of worrying about things failing… I’m a bit of a worrier

    • Photo: Christina Lynch

      Christina Lynch answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      Most: meeting new people and solving puzzles,
      Least: Getting a really difficult problem that I’m not sure how to solve.. It’s very stressful but I usually just ask the people I work with to help me. 2 heads are better than 1 and they might see something that I didn’t.

    • Photo: Martin O'Halloran

      Martin O'Halloran answered on 14 Nov 2015:

      Hi Susan,

      I love the day-to-day problem solving. That’s a great way to spend your day.

      I hate the paperwork. But doesn’t everyone! 🙂