• Question: What's your favourite sport ?

    Asked by Butler to Martin, Nicola, Christina, Antonio, Alex on 9 Nov 2015. This question was also asked by 765metd29, 727metd23, 674metd23, 889metd27.
    • Photo: Martin O'Halloran

      Martin O'Halloran answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      Hi Butler,

      I’ll watch any sport, but my favourite at the moment is rugby, followed closely by Hurling.

    • Photo: Nicola Greene

      Nicola Greene answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      I love to cycle – its a good ‘sport’ you can do almost anywhere.

      When I’m somewhere that has a team, I also love playing Gaelic.

      Favourite to watch are rugby and hurling. I love love love hurling.

    • Photo: Alex Jaeger

      Alex Jaeger answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      Rugby to watch
      At the weekends I usually play squash with a few friends 🙂